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Case Studies

Having run the service for more than 2 years we can proudly say that our online Bookings Management service has been a resounding success for all our clients, and there is no reason why it couldn’t help you too. We have put together a few example of different business’ we work with to show the success this service can bring. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will happily answer them.

We have selected a variety of properties for these case studies which operate in different ways and have different requirements.

All the figures in our case studies do not include any cancelled bookings or bookings the property took, just the bookings we sent them.


After a moderate summer Property A signed up with Full House Bookings in late 2011. Property A is one of our oldest clients, keeping us busy all year round due to a constant flow of bookings. We can’t take all the credit for this as they provide their guests with a warm welcome and fantastic service. The amazing online reviews our customers give them are testament to that.

In 2012 we took 224 bookings, sending them 448 guests resulting in a £14,950 profit AFTER commission fees have been accounted for.

Then in 2013 it stepped up to 292 bookings, 582 guests and £19,983 profit AFTER commission.

Don’t forget they also took direct bookings over the phone, these are just the bookings we sent them.


The owner was struggling to get bookings and the pub was running into a state of disrepair, they got in touch with us in January 2012 to use our service on a restricted basis, offering budget rooms at low prices. A couple of months later the owner chose to sell the pub. The new owners took over the contract and gave us more freedom to do what we do best.

Towards the end of 2012 the new owners refitted the pub vastly improving the quality and cleanliness of the guest accommodation as well as the bar and restaurant. They now offer a very high standard of sought after accommodation in a beautiful rural setting.

In 2012 we took 244 bookings for them, a total of 627 guests and after ours and the websites commission fees were deducted they took £22,062. Remember the pub was undergoing a refit for 2 months and during the first 4 months until the change of ownership took place they limited the number sites we could list them on.

Moving on to 2013 you can see the real benefits of what we offer as we have had a full year to work with the new owners who allowed us to provide them with the full service. We clocked up 427 bookings, 1030 guests and a grand total of £51,401 AFTER commission fees.


Property C is one of our smallest businesses, with just one double room, and is run as a retirement hobby. The owners are free to close the room as they wish, for long periods, and specify when they would like to re-open. The owners of property C have been providing B&B on a part time basis only, mainly working through the summer and closing during the winter. The owners had never looked into advertising online due to the sporadic nature of their openings, not being sure they could pick and choose as they wished. They signed up with Full House Bookings in June2012 and remained in control of their diary whilst dramatically increasing their bookings for when they are available.

In the remaining 4 months of the year for which they were open we took 20 bookings covering 44 nights making £2,966 profit after commission fees.

In 2013 they have only been open for 5 months of the year and have received 26 bookings, 79 nights worth, £4,496 of profit.

Hopefully this shows that the service we offer works well for everyone, no property is too small to benefit from our service.


Property D is a bit of a newcomer, at the time of writing they have only been with us for 5 months, 3 of which they have been closed for the winter. We set them up and got them listed online at the beginning of August taking bookings for just 4 of their 16 rooms, as a trial run at their request.

During August and September 2013 we took 28 bookings for them, which worked out as 54 guests and £6074 of profit. Only a small minority of guests book less than 4 weeks before they are due to arrive so we are expecting a fantastic year next year. Based on data from other properties I am anticipating this figure will at least quadruple for 2014. Then when you add the other 5 months for which they will be open I would expect to see them make at least £50,000 profit from our bookings in 2014. Once we are dealing with more of their rooms this figure will grow dramatically.

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